MAGIC!  That is what it felt like when I started seeing change right in front of my eyes, but it actually was from finally having the RIGHT plan in place. Lisa is a talented life coach and I feel lucky to have found her. --Sam

Dreams don't have deadlines, but it was certainly nice when Lisa helped me land mine sooner than later. --Jenna

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a profound tool for maximizing personal growth and development.  Obviously the sports industry has used coaching to motivate athletes long before life coaching existed.  Life coaching has been a recognized industry for over 20 years now, but many people still get this profession confused with therapy.  In life coaching, we put the focus on moving forward, and there is no diagnosis involved.  Coaching will typically address the areas of relationships, career, wellness, self esteem, financial, and spirituality.  

In coaching there is no delving into somebody's psyche, but instead it is about putting together an extraordinary and attainable plan for functional people.  It involves taking the steps to live the life you are meant to have, but perhaps have hit roadblocks delaying you.  It's all about creating your legacy!

Let's start a conversation.  Minimally you just might garner some inspiration.   After our conversation you will know if life coaching is for you.  Reach out


​WHAT IS relationship COACHING?

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Life Coaching in Chicago

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Nobody ever taught us how to play this dating game!  Sometimes while we are figuring it out, we lose valuable years that can never be recaptured.  A savvy relationship coach can help clarify critical mistakes made on the dating scene that may be slowing you down. If you are ready to bury preconceived ideas about dating and relationships, you can benefit from coaching.  

Whether you are trying to get clarity on a past relationship, new trends in dating, or how to get a tidal wave of new dates, you are a candidate to speak with me.  We will discuss maximizing online and offline strategies.  Technology has changed everything for dating and navigating through it can be overwhelming.  There is an art and science to marketing yourself in cyberspace and also in the stream of your everyday life.    Listening to your friend's advice is not always the optimal path; instead, coaching may provide greater clarity.  


As a young, single and professional woman living in a major metropolitan area, I became disillusioned with the dating scene.   Despite the size of a city like Chicago, I learned how difficult it could be to meet the right person.  I thought there had to be a better way of meeting others in an environment that wasn't a bar or of the 'see and be seen' variety.  

Back in 2001, I had a vision for helping singles network smarter and the rest is history.  I have met thousands of wonderful singles nationwide since founding both my Start Ups, FastDater* and Lisa Lombardi Coaching Inc. Having married in my upper 30's, I learned many lessons regarding being single and life in general.  The twenty years I personally spent on the dating scene before marrying, along with the past 18 years interfacing with singles through my businesses, have allowed me to share a unique perspective  with clients in my coaching practice.  

Drop me a line if you are struggling on the dating scene or have recently become single to or phone Lisa Lombardi Coaching at 331-222-9024 to set up a consult.  The first chat is complimentary.

*FastDater was sold in 2012.