What is a character "socially distanced" driveway stop?

When a 4-year old told me that she was worried the Easter Bunny had Coronavirus, it broke my heart.  It was that day Lisa Lombardi Coaching decided to create Bunny Stops.  These socially distanced encounters offer a sense of normalcy to our youth as we move through "different" times in our world. 

We are thrilled to bring back driveway encounters for the 2020 Christmas season with Santa Claus and his magical team!  Booking now and filling fast!  To see if Santa is coming to your town and still has openings, contact info@lisalombardi.com or me directly lisa@lisalombardi.com for details.

Stay safe, 
Lisa Lombardi 

Founder/Children's Life Coach



Socially Distanced SANTA CLAUS Driveway Stops

Santa visits to your driveway begin on November 20th and run through December 27th, 2020!  

-Ask a question by calling 331-222-9024 or emailing lisa@lisalombardi.com.



Lisa Lombardi Coaching Inc. 

Coach Lisa Lombardi

Socially Distanced EASTERBUNNY Driveway Stops

Thanks Chicagoland!  We had so much fun doing your mindful bunny visits using social distancing!  

-Spring 2020