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Life Coach in Chicago

​​​​​​​ Welcome to Strategic Life Coaching

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you can be happy, you can design your life.  you just need a plan.....


Now more than ever people are turning to life coaches as an impactful tool

to provide clarity and a means to reach goals faster.  At certain junctures, some people work best by having a "map" to navigate through their life.  It becomes a necessity for garnering a higher level of growth and success.

An unstable economy, career challenges, the pressures of everyday life, family obligations, and trying to stay healthy are all contributing factors to feeling our life sometimes doesn't quite have the peace, clarity, and control we desire.  My proven strategic coaching methodologies have been delivered to thousands of clients through private 1:1 phone sessions, seminars, and webinars.  

raising the bar with a tactical approach....

My approach to growing dreams is collaborative, visionary, and very tactical. We will maximize all available resources.  You will always know what we are working on and what will be coming up three bridges down the road.   No more time has to be lost that can't be recaptured.  If you don't know what your dreams are yet, we will unmask them together.  If you aren't stuck right now, but know in your heart you want more, that's reason enough to inquire about life coaching.  

Get Clarity......Take Action......Reap Rewards!  I can't wait to speak with you about your journey.  To start a conversation, reach out to me at or phone 331-222-9024.  Or to receive the Lisa Lombardi Coaching Newsletter join the mailing list to your right.  You will learn about my latest workshops and life strategy tips for both my adult and children coaching division.